A company with more than 30 years at your service

A little of our history


Instamolde was established in 1982 to provide continuous Monitoring of all moulds under construction in Portugal by our customers. Our ability to coordinate the design and engineering of molds between costumer and mold maker, and to quickly answer questions and solve problems. As they arose, has enabled Instamolde to expand its services, improve is delivery times and keep competitive with mold costs.

We have our own mould making facility 28 mold makers and maintain a close working relationship with over a dozen other shops. This arrangement allows us to oversee the timely construction of over 40 to 50 molds per year.

Instamolde also owns its own mold testing facility to insure all molds are tested to costumer specifications before mold shipment. Injection machines go from 30 Ton. to 140 Ton., for bigger tonnage machines we source out different companies.
We stock a variety of resins, including engineering materials, and when necessary can assist customers in the shipment of their specific resin to us for productions and mold tests.

Instamolde also receives moulds to repair and do maintenance, from several costumers.


Why working with INSTAMOLDE?


Our Production

We work closely with our customers to maximize quality and efficiency of our tools.
We offer a full service, from initial concept of the product through to mould manufacture, independently of the stage where a project is.
We exist so you can benefit from the experience and know-how of our technical team!
During the manufacturing process of a tool, all the work is accurately controlled by our technical staff, providing you information of each mould progress. Mould tests, samples sent by express courier and further shipment of the tool are under our responsibility as well.